Introduce about Ngoc Linh rice painting
Rice is a genre painting art, very special and unique, from the natural grain of rice with tiny hands combined talent of the artist who created the painting bearing the image of rice homeland and people of Vietnam. Passion for passion, ingenuity and love has been sending artists to complete each painting artwork Ngoc Linh Rice.With the full harmony, elegance, Rice Gallery Paintings Ngoc Linh has been increasingly attracting more visitors to visit, enjoy a "taste" new, a "breeze" in the background strange chance hoa.Tranh rice now has really conquered the hearts of passionate art of painting as well as all customers everywhere.Painting Rice is not simply to look at paintings, decoration but also a great gift, unique for your loved ones to give each other, showing particular interest, an eternal affection never now fade as the natural color of the rice grain.Rice Painting Ngoc Linh proud to be offering to the unique feel of the picture of the Vietnamese rice! Rice Painting Ngoc Linh we are willing to cooperate and be able to meet all requirements as well as rice Painting can turn your ideas into reality guests.Also Paintings Rice Ngoc Linh also perform icon, logo for the enterprise as a product of choice in seminars, business partners gifts, souvenirs, as well as for sending information, brand the Company is well known.Is pleased to send you wishes for health, happiness and success!